Hair Extensions

If you are serious about getting Human Hair Extensions then be sure to look for first class, high quality extensions made from Indian Remy Hair. Remy Hair Extensions are creating a huge buzz in the world of Human Hair Extensions and for good reason! You can now almost instantly, have long voluptuous hair that looks completely natural.

About: For more than half century, SO.CAP.ORIGINAL has been the world-wide leader of the hair high quality for its method “Natural Remy’s hair”: this technique protects the hair cuticle, keeping its internal scales in the same direction, in order to allow continuously natural looks; extreme pleasure to the touch and bulky effects. This system is the only one that respects the nature of hair, keeping its properties unchanged in time and guarantees longevity and assures high quality to the hair extension. On the top of each hair lock, SO.CAP.ORIGINAL adopts a thin sheet of keratine that, unlike silicone, allows to respect the nature of the hair since the keratin itself is its own component. This keratin is specific for the hair extension and so it improves the application and makes it simple and careful. The keratin has a peculiar shape and has the same color of the hair lock: this allows a perfect application: completely invisible and without “flaws”.